Catalyst is the highest-rated and most-adopted customer success platform in the industry. They help businesses build, manage, and scale their company.

the problem

The team at Catalyst approached us with a need to revamp their website and refresh the brand. We were challenged with taking their existing brand ecosystem, refreshing, then building upon it. They scaled before setting a solid protocol for their web presence, later becoming hard to manage.

our solution

We set out first by gathering inspiration and planning out the direction for the brand. Once the direction of the refresh was implemented we focused most of our efforts building a design system that was scalable and modular that can continue to grow as the company grows. The result was a website that their team can now easily update and upload content while their website performance has increased exponentially for a fraction of the effort.


Art Direction
Brand Identity
UX/UI Design
Web Design
Web Development

the result

We built a successful website for Catalyst to build brand awareness, and continue to establish themselves as a leader among their competitors in presence and exposition.

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