Starter Studio is a non-profit dedicated to elevating the startup culture in Orlando FL. They needed a more modern website to reflect their tech forward environment for innovation. Warehaus took their current brand and expanded on their vision of having a fun upbeat community, brought it to the web!
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Orlando's Future for Innovation.
Art Direction
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Web Design

Starter Studio wanted to extend their upbeat brand by adding colorful illustrations to demonstrate their environment curated to help beginners feel safe in new ventures.

Mobile friendly and Intuitive we built their site in a way that signing up is as easy on the phone as it is from a desktop. Get the info wherever and whenever you need it.

With different memberships and levels of programs we mapped out the site to be easy to navigate for anyone coming from any industry or profession.

The Place to Start

Starting a new business venture is daunting, especially when its your first. Starter Studio has a built a community where you can sign up and take classes to help yourself feel prepared for the challenges ahead. With a great space and even greater leaders they can guide you with their expertise.

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