Vera Creative
Vera Creative is a fast growing design agency based out of Chicago. They work with the community and the city of Chicago to elevate peoples lives through design. They focus on working with communities at the ground level, they needed a website was accessible but also inspiring.
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Culture. Community. Impact.
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Vera comes in with bold headlines and statements. Creating a site with clean layouts lets their customers embrace the clear message of their brand.

This agency is a cause-driven creative agency that shapes the future of social equity through strategy, design, community engagement, and both mainstream and underground marketing.

Vera knows they need to be direct and personal in their approach for brand message to resonate. It was our job to adapt their message and make it a smooth experience.

Making Community Impacts

Vera Creative is lifting up the quality of life for artists and creators in Chicago, our goal is to elevate the Vera brand to help attract the amazing talent in their city. They're making waves of change in their community and we want to be a apart of that.

the team behind the work