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In our society there's a lot of ways you can plan your time, in fact there's too many ways. We found that despite all the calendars, planners, and management tools, people still struggle with keeping track of their time. Visit was designed to use best practices across multiple industry's to help people connect with anyone, anytime, with ease.
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This is Time done differently.
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Visit was designed with fast paced life in mind, nobody has time for tiny detailed interfaces with info you don't need. We're your one stop shop for what's next.

You can find people easily using your contacts list, email address, or even by user handle names. Finding your friends or your favorite events has never been easier.

We saw that current apps take way too long to get things done, so we built our own custom flows. Making appointments is no longer a chore. It isn't really an appointment, it's a Visit.

Stop Stressing about Time

Take back your time and make your plans work for you again. No more tediously planning out your schedule, make syncing up with your friends and colleagues another reason why your phone makes your life easier. Your time is valuable don't let others waste it.

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