Founder CEO

Hey I'm Peter, bringing people together and creating quality products is what matters to me most. I have high expectations for quality and thoughtful work, I love to see the power of good design in companies that make an impact for the better. I founded warehaus to create a place to empower people to create things they believe in.

CTO / Back - End Developer

Angel has always been a tinkerer when it comes to numbers and computers, from data science and SEO to mobile app development he makes things work. With a good eye for the details he brings a level of quality to all things he does including dancing and planning out his travels.

Creative Director

I'm Eliel Rosario and I make things, or more accurately I don't not make things. When I'm not crafting beautiful custom websites, I love to craft things out of leather. You can often see me riding my bike around town and running Orlando from behind the scenes.

Front - End Developer

I've lived most of my life in Orlando, FL but you can usually catch me flying around the country several times a year and am always willing to debate why Val Kilmer was one of the greatest actors of the 90's. I've been working as a developer for several years now, leading projects but I'm always looking for the next new project to get my hands on. I feel as though you should always be looking for a room of people smarter than you, somewhere you can pull something from, which was why I was thrilled to join.

Graphic Designer

Emma is an artist, designer, singer, triple threat. When she's not singing in the studio she's helping businesses manage their brands and marketing. With a degree in marketing and design she is a boss at social media management designing artwork for emerging brands.

Web / App Developer

Hey I'm Nathan! With over 20 years in production environments, my specialties include cross-platform 2D/3D graphics programming; gesture, multi-touch, motion and sensors; interactive data visualization; and real-time geospatial data pipelines.

Web Developer

Grey is a self taught web developer, solving problems and unique challenges is what motivates him most. With a good eye for design and a love for great functionality, he creates great experiences in the digital space. When Grey's not hacking away on the computer, you can find him outside enjoying nature whenever possible.

UI / UX Designer

Hi! I'm Beau, a Product Designer, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator living in Winter Park, FL with my wife Katie and 2 daughters – Scarlett and Cameron. Over the past 10 years, I've worked as a designer at print shops, creative agencies, startups, with my own clients as a freelancer/consultant, as a Product Designer for Very™, and currently am an Experience Designer at Electronic Arts.

Project Manager

It's Jones here! With a knack for getting things done and organized, Jones loves seeing great products and ideas come to life. As an avid tinkerer himself Jones helps everyone stay on track while also allowing them to be creative in their own space. Always down for a good time, he's only one call away.


Colin Hill is a creative copywriter, marketing strategist, and poet hailing from Orlando, FL. He’s a communications specialist with a penchant for growing brands. He’s a storyteller who connects with people. He’s a playmaker who sets companies up for success. He currently spends the majority of his time writing for Vera Creative, grabbing cocktails, dancing and catching concerts with his wife.

Graphic Designer

I'm Carly. Creator of design, illustration, and content. Always consuming coffee and crafting the perfect color palette.

Business Dev / Writer

Hi everyone! I'm Casey Margarite Field, finance and economics nerd with a strong heart for sustainability and social impact. I graduated from UCF and am now living in the most amazing city - Orlando, Florida.

Social Media Strategist

Floridian turned New Yorker, who traded the city’s hustle for laid back life in Barcelona by the sea. I've worked in music, hospitality, advertising and social media, keeping myself constantly inspired by the work I'm doing and the people I surround myself with.


I believe art is so powerful; it can shift environments and perceptions to benefit individuals, families, communities... and sometimes, it carries such a powerful message that it impacts the world.